Yoga for Heart

How does practicing yoga benefit the heart?

As we know, the major factor that contributes to heart disease is high blood pressure or hypertension. As per the statistics, two-thirds of the adults aged from 30 to 79 are facing high blood pressure. What is high blood pressure or hypertension? 

Blood pressure is nothing but the pressure exerted by blood towards the walls of the arteries (that carries blood from the heart to other parts of the body). What is the cause of High Blood Pressure? 

There are not a few but many reasons that cause high blood pressure. Some of the major causes of BP are hereditary, stress, excessive weight, intake of excessive salt, etc., So it is necessary to keep our Bp in control. 

Some of the natural ways to reduce BP are is to mainly reduce weight, maintain a healthy diet, live a stress-free life, reduce salt in your diet. And now how does yoga benefit the heart? 

As I said earlier the major cause of heart disease is High BP. Certain postures can aid in improving heart health. 

Downward Dog Pose or Downward-facing Dog Pose.

yoga for heart

        It is also called as “Adho mukha svanasana” (ah-dho-moo-kah-shvah-nahs-anna).

This pose helps in both strengthening and stretching. 

 1. By placing your heart above your head, it allows a certain speed to increase blood flow and improves circulation. 

2. It also helps in strengthening the arms and shoulders. Which aids to build strong abdominal muscle.

3. It helps in stretching the calves, hamstrings, and ankles.

4. And it helps in strengthening the bones, major muscles in your body, and minor muscles in your feet which is ‘plantar fascia’, a ligament that connects the heel to the foot front that helps in walking and prevents injury while performing greater physical activities.

There are certain techniques you need to follow to ensure the safety and effectiveness of yoga practice. Consult your physician regarding your health condition, and practice modified poses as per your need.


1. Get down on all the four

2. Keep your Shoulders about your wrist

3. Align your inner shoulders

4. Place your hip slightly before your knees

5. Hold your toes against the mat

6. Lift both the knees (resemble upside-down ‘V’ shape)

7. Hold your body in the position and breathe in and out

8. Slowly, bring your knees back to the floor and release.

Follow this asana and maintain good heart health.

Yoga for Heart

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