Valentine’s Yoga

Valentine’s yoga

Well, it is an exciting week for the couples, yes, it is valentine’s week.

Each day of this week represents some form of sharing the love by material things like roses, teddies, chocolate, etc…

But is that enough?

Are those material things going to build a healthy bond?

Is there any other way to build trust, and maintain healthy relationships?

The ultimate aim of this week is to celebrate love, especially for couples. There are many ways to celebrate love. What I am going to discuss is a new and healthy way to celebrate love. It’s called valentines yoga.

Have you heard of it before?

Don’t worry it’s very simple. There are certain poses specially designed for couples to maintain healthy relationships. If you are the one who practices yoga regularly and wants to build a healthier and more intimate relationship with your partner, then this is for you.

But how does valentines yoga build a healthy relationship?

When we do yoga, we meditate and totally dedicate ourselves to the practice, likewise if the yoga with couples, they completely surrender themselves to each other. And in yoga there are certain difficult poses, an individual can do only if he/she thinks he/she can. If it’s between couples, they open up and communicate with each other, this builds trust in the long term.

Make your valentine’s week more special, adventurous, exciting, intimate, and memorable by practicing yoga poses for couples given below.

  1. Boat Pose


  • Sit facing each other
  • Bend the knees and touch the toes with the partner
  • Take hold of their wrist
  • Bring soles of feet together and start to raise your feet upward
  • Your knees should come towards the chest, with the upper body straight
  • Straighten your legs
  • Hold this for a few minutes, then back to the beginning position and repeat

valentines yoga

  1. Seated forward fold and backbend


  • Sit back-to-back with your legs crossed
  • Raise your hands up as you inhale, and fold forward as your exhale
  • As you fold forward your partner folds backward.
  • Reach up to your partner and take hold of their wrist and pull slightly
  • Breath for 10-15 times, then return to center
  • Switch roles.

  1. Child’s pose and fish


  • One of you should be in child’s pose
  • Others should lower themselves entirely, their back should be in contact with your entire body
  • While laying the partner raises their arms over their heads, and hold your hands resting on the ground
  • Focus on your breath, and try to match with your partner
  • After 10-15 breaths, rest and switch positions.

valentines yoga

  1. Front plank


  • Begin by laying on the back elevating the legs upwards
  • Place the feet above the hips
  • Stand two inches away from the base
  • Place the feet on the hips of the flyer
  • Bend the knees slightly to make contact
  • Hold the hands together
  • Lean into the feet of the base, and place the weight on them
  • Keep your body aligned and engaged
  • Keep the arms straight
  • Pale your feet directly above their hips
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Back to the starting position in the reverse order.

valentines yoga

  1. Bridge and supported shoulder stand


  • Your partner should lay on the back
  • Place the feet to the ground and bring the hips upward
  • Lay with your glutes at your partner’s feet
  • Raise your leg, place it on the upper shin of your partner
  • Grab the ankles of the partner and raise your hip upwards
  • Make a shoulder stand
  • Hold for several breaths, release, and repeat.

  1. Revolved chair


  • Stand facing each other
  • Hold your partner’s right hand with your right hand
  • And left with your left
  • Sit in the chair position and get hold of each other’s weight and find balance
  • Release left hands, and bring them behind you
  • Rotate as you extend your arm
  • Inhale as you return to center, and exhale as you rotate in the opposite direction
  • Repeat.

  1. Relaxation pose


  • Sit side to side, facing the opposite direction with legs spread wide
  • Hold each other’s hands
  • Twist your upper body slightly away from each other and lean backward
  • Support each other until your mid-back comes in contact with your partner’s upper thigh
  • Slightly bend your back and let your upper body and head lean back until they come in contact with the floor.

Make your valentine’s week more intimate, and memorable with these valentines yoga poses. Happy Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Yoga

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