Root Chakra – Yogic Way Of Finding Yourself

I’ve been meditating a lot on the Root Chakra- Muladhara. كازينو وليام هيل It’s the first of seven chakras (energy centers) in the body and one that SO many of us need to reconnect with. At the most basic level, this chakra is associated with safety and security as well as feeling centered and grounded. We can look to this chakra for healing if we are feeling off-balance, out of sync, confused, or insecure. While all chakras are important in the large picture of who we are- the root chakra is our foundation. Without a solid foundation, everything on top becomes shaky and the entire structure is without security.

I thought I’d share a few practices with you that I use in my chakra work for this first energy center of safety and security!

-In what areas do you not feel safe?
-In what areas do you feel there is not enough?
-In what areas do you feel like you have no control or choice?
-Where are you missing healthy boundaries?
-Do you trust that life supports you?
-Do you trust yourself to make supportive, healthy decisions? تكساس بوكر
-Are you able to easily make decisions?

To bring healing to the root chakra, we must first examine our First Tribe- our family. ربح المال من الالعاب Did your family make you feel safe and secure? Accepted without judgment? Do you agree with the beliefs and world views of your family? If not, have you accepted that you are still a part of your tribe even if you do not share the tribal beliefs? In exploring these questions, we can begin to find our sense of place and belonging- even in the absence of matching their beliefs and views 100%
All the Pretty Things!

Colors smell and actions can influence our path towards healing the root chakra. The color red is well associated with the root. As is deep, earthy scents and oils like frankincense, cedarwood, and myrrh. Meditation on the ground, or earthing (walking barefoot outdoors) is also helpful with the root chakra. Surround yourself with deep crimson red- jewelry, clothing, artwork, pretty things! Put on some amazing earthy oils (I love love love frankincense and cedarwood, both are so clean but earth infused). Then, get outside and wander around!

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