Cuddle and Snuggle yoga

Heard about Cuddle and Snuggle yoga?

If you haven’t then this article is for you.  So, what do those terms mean?

Cuddle- Cuddle is the action of more handling. Here, we make use of our hands while cuddling.

Snuggle- Snuggle is a warm and comfortable position, which involves fewer movements. And we perform burrowing action.

Now we know what those terms mean, but how is it connected to yoga?

Cuddle and Snuggle yoga

Cuddle yoga is nothing but a combination of restorative yoga. What is restorative yoga? It is nothing but the practice of holding the asana longer than the regular asana with the support of props. Cuddle yoga comes with the power of touch. This yoga happens between couples. In asana, the couple will hug each other till they feel completely relaxed.

Cuddle and Snuggle yoga

This is an easy yoga practice and can be done anytime and anywhere. Mostly whenever your partner feels low. This will free oneself from the outside world, and keep our mind and body relaxed.

Snuggle yoga, the word snuggle means settling in a warm and comfortable position. Yoga is practicing asana. Snuggle yoga is practicing yoga in a comfortable position with the use of pillows and blankets. There are certain asanas that give both comfort and mindfulness. This also includes swing yoga and so on.

I hope I provided the required insights about cuddle and snuggle yoga. Have a nice day!

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