Yoga For Men

DO MEN PRACTICE YOGA? We all know men who do workouts regularly. And many men have a misconception that yoga is only for women. But that is not true. Yoga is for both men and women. There are certain asanas specifically designed for men and women. YOGA FOR MEN. Now, let us talk about yoga […]

What is Yin Yoga and why would someone want to practice it?

Yin Yoga marries traditional Hatha Yoga postures with Taoist philosophy, and as such is a practice unique in purpose, method, and results. In Taoist thought, there exists a subtle, infinitely creative, and vital force called chi, which animates and pervades the manifest universe. As this force operates in the physical realm, it condenses into two […]

Finding Your Own Yoga – Lesson From Amma Nannamal

“We each have to find our own yoga,” Amma Nannamal, the luminous 98-year-old yogini, gently encouraged us.  “One of the greatest joys,” she continued, “is to be unbound by tradition, by teachers, by religion.  No teacher or teaching should inhibit your own path.  Only take away what has nourished part of you.  Find what works […]

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