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The practice of mindfulness meditation is enriching but for many of us as soon as we close our eyes the seemingly simple task of stilling the mind feels daunting even impossible. We might be interested in learning mindfulness meditation for many different reasons; to reduce stress; to heal grief, emotional pain, and trauma; to seek enlightenment! Mediation can also help us to tap into our creative potential, develop internal awareness and improve confidence and self-esteem. During any meditation class, the teacher can show you simple mediation techniques that you can take home and practice yourself. I strongly believe that mediation does not have to be complicated or mysterious. It can be simple, easy, and benefit everyone. Sometimes we might need inspiration or support in a mediation practice when we can get stuck or feel frustrated at “lack of progress” because we are not seeing the change that we hope for…

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On Meditation - No Need to be Spiritual

As of late, I am again falling very deeply and madly in love with meditation.  As I navigate the hailstorms of unexpected transitions, I am reminded of its tremendous beauty and value. Mornings upon waking I sit, just like the hundreds of days before, though these mornings are different in tone.  They are heavy with aftershocks of rapid change, with emotional flurries that are unpredictable and beyond my control. I start by checking in with body, heart, mind.  Dropping beneath the surface of (very compelling) stories and feeling, acknowledging, allowing.  And then, a vow, which I repeat each morning as a reminder of my very deepest intention for my life.  I adapt the words of one of my teachers, Sarah Powers (who herself adapted the phrasing of meditation teacher Stephen Batchelor): I’m now open to Awareness, to awaken, for my own benefit and for the benefit of all beings. I…

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