4 Tips For Your Sustainable Yoga Practice

Facts about Yoga

“I was planning to go to yoga tonight, but..”

  1. That might sound familiar. In this day and age with busy schedules, it’s understandably hard to keep a commitment to a sustainable yoga practice. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the last-minute change of plans.
  2. Plan ahead. Going after work? Don’t go home first if you know it’s hard to motivate out of the house again. Bring your yoga clothes and mat to work. Bring a snack if you are hungry after work. Check-in with who is picking up the kids, walking the dog, etc.
  3. Build a support network and community. Your friends and family care about your well-being! Tell them about your fitness goals and what you’ve been working on. They will root you on and support you in your goals. Plan to go to yoga with friends, and hold each other accountable!
  4. Sign up ahead of time. This might sound silly, but it’s scientifically proven to work (just kidding, kind of). Even if there is no cancellation policy, it helps hold you accountable to a scheduled class and sets intentions.
  5. Pay ahead of time. Buy a pack or sign up for monthly unlimited. Not thinking about the financial transactions every time makes it much easier to come into a class and put the focus back on yoga.
  6. Set long-term goals. If there’s a peak pose you’ve been working on, it could take months before you see any real change. Setting unrealistic goals can be discouraging, as we can expect immediate results and then want to quit when that doesn’t happen. All bodies are built differently, so don’t compare yourself to Instagram celebrities, which actually really is scientifically proven to make you unhappy.

The above listed are the tips for sustainable yoga practice.  Follow these steps and have a happy yoga time.




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